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I have an issue with a client’s account. His URL and his web hosting is all with GoDaddy, but the DNS is being run through Cloudflare for security. The problem I am having is with SEO optimization. Running his site through SEMrush, we are pulling about 120 errors, and all of them are showing internal broken links to his blog.

His blog is fully functional and none of those links are broken. I ran it through Google Search Console, and it is showing the same error. His blog is showing as a broken link and as an incorrect page on his sitemap. SEMrush support told me that it was likely that Cloudflare was blocking their bots, and that I needed to whitelist them. I whitelisted their bot IP addresses, and the issue went away for a while in the SEMrush report, but still shows as broken and inaccessible in the Google Search Console.

Then about an hour later, I reran the reports, and the issue was back in SEMrush as well as Google Console. How do I fix this issue permanently? The URL is, and all of the broken internal links are to the page


If this is the case, then you would see evidence of this in the Firewall Event Log.

I know that SEMrush crawls my sites, so I know that default settings here allow SEMrush to reach sites.

I don’t see that the bots are being blocked, but when I whitelisted the bots, the errors went away…and then came back. I’ve been building websites for 10 years and I’ve never seen anything like this happen before.

Thanks for your comment. I’ll keep looking.

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