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Probably looking to go on free the reverse proxy or the professional reverse proxy solution, buit obviously you don’t then have a dedicated IP address , and any IP address could be used around the world depending on speed. Does anyone know whether from a SEO perspective you will be penalised by Google for have different IP addresses or more specifically IP addresses outside the UK, which is where the website is hosted, namely : [Preformatted text](



Thank you for asking.

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If I may add … If that would be true, then a website from X country on X language with Y country IP hosted on Z country server behind Cloudflare wouldn’t rank top 3 on search results at all in specific moments, sport events, etc. :thinking:

I am afraid this doesn’t have any impact (yet) on search results (Google which we talk about here?).

Nowadays, there are some factors about the speed & SEO, but I am afraid the content is still what counts towards better search results.

To show up at Google Search? That might depend on the SEO.

Using appropriate SEO techniques to add your Website to some kind of a search engine like Google requires either a person skilled into it or learning on our own to figure how the things do work out together to achieve the goal.

It also requires time to get to the top 3 results.

I can suggest below articles for a starting point:

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