Rocketloader causing W3C-errors



I just realised that, when rocketloader is switched on the W3C-validator is showing errors:
In my source code I have the tag . Rocketloader is adding an argument “type” into this tag. The W3C-validator then complains “bad value for attribute type …”: “subtype missing”.
As soon as I switch off rocketloader everything is ok again.
Any ideas how to resolve this?

Rocketloader and W3C-errors

Hi @user387,

Rocket Loader rewrites the HTML script tags so that it can defer the loading of them to optimise rendering performance. As such the “type” of the script tag will not be “javascript” temporarily until Rocket Loader executes and loads everything in the background.

This might be what W3C is seeing but in itself it should not be anything to worry about. Can you let me know a URL so I can check?

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