**Redirect loop detected!**

Can anyone help me - i’m not technical and need help please.

all i have done is changed DNS and waited. i then get this message when I run tests on GTMetrix

my domain is leeocarroll dot com

Analysis Error

Redirect loop detected!

Visiting the page has resulted in an endless chain of redirects. This is usually caused by a problem in your application.

Most commonly, this happens because your SSL/TLS Mode is set to “Flexible”, where Cloudflare is sending requests to your origin in http (unencrypted) and your origin is trying to force it to HTTPS, and this just ends in an endless loop. You can change that under SSL/TLS → Overview. Here’s a magic link to get there: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls

For other common causes, see:

It looks like you reverted your DNS back though, as it looks like from my end leeocarroll.com is using the default nameservers for IONOS Domains. You’ll need to set the nameservers back to Cloudflare for any of your changes to take effect.


thanks - so what is the preferred setting SSL/TLS? OF, FULL, STRICT?

Also, what are the 2 name servers so in can change them back to Cloudflare?


There are thousands of combinations possible. Your site’s will be shown in the Cloudflare DNS dashboard for that specific site.

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