Random 522 errors


We are an agency that has quite a few of our customers routed through Cloudflare. On Monday, we began having reports of occasional 522 outages. What was strange is that our downtime monitors did not notify us and we were able to access the website with no problems. The people we work with could not, and were reporting the problems to us.

These errors clear themselves up over time. Then, they happen again.

I have found that I can use TunnelBear to occasionally trigger the error. I turn TunnelBear off, and I can access the website. I turn TunnelBear on, and I can no longer access the website.

To me, that indicates it is a regional Cloudflare error? That or, somehow the routing between Cloudflare and the host.

Since I can switch off and on my VPN and it breaks or fixes the website, that eliminates the server and sessions as causing the problem. It also eliminates my browser.



Its probably best to collect the IDs of these failed connections and forward them to Cloudflare, they might be able to shed some light.

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