Python Flask App2

I’m running a python flask app… well its a quart app but its basically asynchronous flask ;-;
I deployed it to Cloudflare pages and it gave me this:

16:26:22.654	Executing user command: python
16:26:23.823	 * Serving Quart app 'app'
16:26:23.823	 * Environment: production
16:26:23.823	 * Please use an ASGI server (e.g. Hypercorn) directly in production
16:26:23.823	 * Debug mode: False
16:26:23.824	 * Running on (CTRL + C to quit)
16:26:23.824	[2022-07-03 09:26:23,822] Running on (CTRL + C to quit)

But it says its still building the application, I went to /fundamentals/get-started/reference/network-ports and I chose a port 8880 on the Ports supported by Cloudflare, but with caching disabled part, but it still didn’t work.
So I was wondering if there was a specific host or port or maybe both i should set to listen to or idk someone just please help me ;-;
Had to remove the links on here cuz it didn’t let me use links ;-;
Accidentally removed the first one and had to make another topic ;-;

Cloudflare Pages is for static content (HTML, CSS, JS, images and other such files). It will not run a webserver such as Express, Koa or the likes. If you’re using those to serve static content then you can just remove that part and use Pages!

If you’re doing more dynamic content you can use Functions ( It will run code on request (so still not a webserver in the conventional sense). This would allow for more dynamic content though especially with KV (Key Value storage) and Durable Objects (transactional data storage). Functions are natively integrated with Pages so are super easy to get up and running along your website.

Otherwise, a good old VPS or dedicated server from one of the many hosts out there is for you.
Functions are still in beta, so any feedback or bug reports are welcome.

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Oh alright, hopefully some day Cloudflare pages could be a webserver host

Cloudflare Pages is not intended to become a traditional host and I don’t think they have the plan to move to that direction as well, as Cloudflare wants to promote serverless computing to anyone.