Proxy server functionality

We have a website that is accessible via 2 ISPs. We are currently using CF for failover which leaves a period of time during the failover where the service can’t be reached. Would using a proxy help with providing uninterrupted access if one of the ISPs goes down (it tries IP A and if no response it redirects to IP B)? If so is there documentation on how to set that up?

Hi Dennish,

Please try the below steps:

  1. After signed in to Cloudflare add your website.
  2. Add your two ISP connections as separate origin servers in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  3. Create Load Balancer Pool.
  4. Configure a monitor to check the health of your ISPs.
  5. In the load balancer settings, set up a failover policy to route traffic to the healthy ISP if one becomes unhealthy.
  6. Update your DNS to point to the Cloudflare load balancer by adding Cloudflare’s DNS records.

With this setup, Cloudflare will monitor your ISPs, and if one fails, it will automatically redirect traffic to the healthy ISP, ensuring uninterrupted website access. Specific details may vary, so adjust accordingly.


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We have that setup now, and it seems like there can be up to a 1-2 minute delay while it checks, realizes there is an issue then switches over. Thought maybe there was an option that would prevent any down time.

Also, Is there a setting that if the primary ISP comes back up it doesn’t switch back until X # of minutes of stability? We had a Comcast issue last week where it went down and up a few times within 20 minutes. It would be nice if we could set something that would keep the 2nd ISP as the primary until the 1st ISP is back and stable for a settable period of time.

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