Proxy minecraft server

how do i make a proxy for a dedicated linux cents 7 a proxy to hide the ip of a minecraft server?

That’s this product:

which plan should I purchase to have this function? and after acquiring how do I configure?

You need the Pro Plan, then go into the Spectrum settings page and enable it. Just be aware of the usage pricing. Spectrum servers can incur a lot of costly traffic.

is there any way I can put my domain just to work just ?

Yes, the subdomain is optional. Leave that box empty.

You did pay attention to that, did you not?

it works fine now no one can find my real ip, but now all players are entering with cloudflare proxy and so they can attack the server and the antibot can’t detect and block their ip, could you help me?

he attacks are passing right through, because the anti bot can’t block the ips correctly, because they’re all cloudflare

Yeah that will happen. You need to restore the true IP however, I’m pretty sure no plugin will have out of the box support for Spectrum. Regardless, here is how you would do that:

I tried to do the step by step, but I’m not finding the option within the spectron “proxy v1 protocol”, could you help me?

I saw it in a video and everything appears, but in mine it doesn’t show all the settings

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