Problem with DNS and HTTPS

please help to solve the problem with web-site. I moved its DNS’s to Cloudflare and turn on HTTPS via Cloudflare. I’ve already done the same with other sites, But with this site it not working - still have an error - that not working.

Thank yoU!

ш want to use certificate by Cloudflare and turned it on. but it not showed

You dont know this feature. I’ve already used it on https://бахаи.kz
And some other sites.

You dont undestand ) its not your qualification to answer to my question.

Are you still having this error? If possible post a screenshot.

Yes, I still have error.

Can you help? Why this problem appears only with this domain?


Other than a mixed content issue, your website works for me.

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Its strange - I have second mirror domain - which works correctly, but mixed content issue appearing because of and not protected by https… Can you help me?

May be some cache?

Hello there marat, this will explain briefly why you’re having mixed content issues.