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Hello !

I currently have problems with my subdomains since I am at Cloudflare, as soon as I go on one of the two sites (subdomain) : and

It shows me this: Impossible to connect to the server at So that when i will check the spread of the DNS here: or https: // it puts me well that the DNS has been spread … I do not understand

Please help me…

Why is there a www? And do you have DNS records for that? Your DNS check example doesn’t include www in the host name. Perhaps your origin is misconfigured and is improperly redirecting to www?


Indeed, the problem comes from this www, how can I do to correct this?

You will either need a DNS record for pointing to your server, or you will need to remove the redirect from boutique to and serve the site without the www.

Note: If you add the DNS record for, then unless you have a dedicated certificate from Cloudflare, then Cloudflare’s SSL will not work - you would have to set that subdomain to :grey: and bypass Cloudflare services.

Thanks !

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