Please Help!

I am being blocked from using due to your service and I need to have this fixed. That site is crucial for me to do my job daily and I am not sure why this laptop/IP address is blocked from using it. How do I resolve this issue?

Hi @etaylor,

While visiting a site protected by Cloudflare, error 1020 “Access denied (Error: 1020)” indicates you’ve violated a Firewall Rule. When this happens, you’ll see the error “Access Denied (Error: 1020)” and your request was blocked by the filter based Firewall rule on the site. Cloudflare cannot help with this, you would have to contact the site owner.

I also get a 1020, so they may have blocked a large number of people, for some reason.

I’m in the US and not blocked, but I did get the hCAPTCHA challenge.


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