Payment gateway timeout

Just implemented cloudflare and it looks like the payments on the webshop are not handled. My guess is that Cloudflare thinks it takes to long for the answer and breaks up the connection.
What is the best way to increase the time that Cloudflare is waiting or have checkout processess bypass any bot-blocking…

Or how to detect if this is the case. Right now I am guessing (educated guess because payment provider shows success and webshop shows pending)

Any help or tips are appreciated

Hi there,

Are you getting any error? If this is a timeout enforced by Cloudflare you should get a 522.

If you’re not getting a 5xx, I suggest monitoring your firewall going to Security > Events, setting it to the previous 30 minutes and then try to trigger the issue to see if there is any WAF component blocking it. If it is, you can then create an exception to it.

Take care.

Thank you for you time and answer.
I my self have not seen anything go wrong, but I do see there were more pending payments than usual.

With your tip of the events I can now see that it was possible because of Cloudflare managed ruled that it was blocked. So will setup some custom rule for this I guess.

Is there a quick way/best way to say: this IP adress can do anything? Do not block it?

Hi there,

Yes, you can either create a custom WAF rule in Security > WAF > + Create rule like so:

Or an IP access rule in Security > WAF > Tools:

Bear in mind that a custom WAF rule like that will almost completely bypass all WAF features, and an IP access rule will completely bypass WAF, so be mindful about using any of these options.

Take care.

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