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I am in the process of building my very first website, for public consumption. I am using WordPress to do this. I have completed the first iteration and wish to test outside connectivity via HTTP initially. This way I know the rules I have setup on my firewall are working, and if there are issues I can troubleshoot appropriately without HTTPS getting in the way.

Is there a way to keep Cloudflare from getting in the way, in terms of changing HTTP to HTTPS? I am fairly new to Cloudflare, so not sure where to look.



Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you’ve already changed domain nameservers and pointed to the assigned Cloudflare’s nameservers for your zone? :thinking:

Since as it seems, at origin host you don’t have HTTPS enabled yet, is this correct? :thinking:

If so, I’d make sure the SSL option is set to “Off (not secure)” under the SSL/TLS → Overview tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

Useful article for SSL settings:

Otherwise, you’d experience some Mixed content errors and redirect issues if you’d select any other option while your A type of the DNS records under the DNS tab would be proxied :orange: .

There is also a way to Pause Cloudflare due to the development and testing as stated and follows on the article below:

Would be great to implement HTTPS for your WordPress website using Cloudflare.

Kindly, see the steps at the post below to make sure your Website is secured over HTTPS and your WordPress admin dashboard configured propperly with “Full (Strict) SSL” option at Cloudflare dashboard:


If I pause Cloudflare the DNS functionality will still operate correct?

Yes. The Pause Cloudflare guide that @fritex shared covers how it works.

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