Partner Case Study - SiteGround


Thought I would share a hosting partner case study here. Partners a hugely important part of the Cloudflare ecosystem and community. Our partner team works closely with both hosting and reseller partners to offer unique and value added services to our customers.


SiteGround partners with Cloudflare to bring their customers enhanced speed and security, resulting in:

• 50-60% fewer requests served from SiteGround websites
• WAF & DDoS mitigation keeps SiteGround websites protected

“The backbone of our partnership is the fact that like SiteGround, Cloudflare is a forward-thinking company that constantly improves its services and products, and uses these improvements to offer even more valuable opportunities to their partners.” - Nikolay Todorov, Chief Technical Officer at SiteGround

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I am using Siteground integration with Cloudflare for my sites. My question is does Cloudflare protect the naked domain? When I ping my naked domain it gives me the Siteground server IP, but when I ping my www domain I get Cloudflare’s IP.


That CNAME setup seems to favor the ‘www’ URL, as the naked domain normally doesn’t get “flattened” by CNAME.

So the workaround would be to :orange: the naked domain so it’s protected by Cloudflare, then add a Page Rule to redirect requests for the naked domain to go to the ‘www’.