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Hello everyone, what is this feature in protection, how does it work and what is the benefit of it

Probably best to start with the blog post:

In short, Cloudflare deploys a CSP Report-Only header, and gives you data on what third party scripts are being used. The product will evolve to tell you when the content of those scripts changes, highlighting Magecart and similar attacks. And future versions will stop unauthorised code from executing at all.


Ok thank you but I don’t understand very much but does this have anything to do with DDoS attacks

This a different type of protection. DDoS is just a ton of garbage requests designed to overload your server.

Supply chain attacks are malicious payloads, usually in the form of a JavaScript file snuck into your site. Page Shield basically takes inventory of the scripts on your site so you can evaluate what you’ve got, make sure it’s safe, then see if there are any changes from what you know is already safe.


Is Page Shield is free for everyone. I’m not able to find it under the Firewall.

Paid Plans only.

The plan requirement is almost always explained in the last paragraph.


oh thank you.

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