Onoin services


I am having much trouble with my VPS hosting service provider. And I cannot deal with it anymore.
For a few days I am wondering if there is a way CloudFlare to service my website connecting to my own computer through an onion service instead of an VPS IP address.
Is that even possible?


Do you have a static IP adress for your computer?

But if you definitely require a Tor based approach you could have a look at https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-onion-service/


No I do not have static IP. That would solve it, but I do not have it.


https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/dns/glossary/dynamic-dns/ might be the easiest solution.


Sandro, thanks for your answers.

What I am looking for is:
I make an onion service
User requests my website to CloudFlare
CloudFlare connects to my onion and sends respose to the user

Instead of an IP hidden by CloudFlare, I would have an onion service hidden by CloudFlare. If that even makes sense.


Why would dynamic DNS not work?

As for Tor, I can only suggest once more you check out the article I initially posted. I am not familiar with that service so I cant say whether it would be applicable to your use case, but thats the closest you will get to allioideae at the moment as far as it concerns Cloudflare.


Dynamic DNS does not work because I am behind a firewall I do not control and cannot forward ports to my computer.

That new Tor feature does not provide what I need/suggest.


Well, there is one more thing:

Argo creates a persistant Connection to the Cloudflare servers and you don’t need to touch any firewall policy.