No https padlock even after 72 hours

It has been over 72 hours since I was issued SSL Certificate but the https green padlock does not appear on my website
In Chrome, I get the error
“Your connection is not private”

I have turned on Always Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
I have also downloaded the wordpress plugin for Cloudflare on my website.
There is no mixed content error according to the below link

Kindly help me resolve this issue.

SSL is working, i get a 404.

Clear you browser cache or try again in incognito mode

The good news is that your certificate is setup (you need to clear your browser cache) But you do need to deal with the 404

How do I solve 404 ?

That is a question for whomever runs your website (which is presumably you) or your host. It is not Cloudflare related.

Even after clearing the cache, I am still unable to see https padlock on the site. Neither am I getting any 404 error.

Post a screenshot of your browser and the output of


on your command line.

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It is working now.
I deleted the site from Cloudflare account and then added it again. As soon as the certificate was issued the site, the green padlock was visible.

The certificate already worked before. Now it “redirects” (actually an iframe) to a “parked” page.

Can you recheck again ?
The main issue was that my hosting provider is different from my domain provider.
Hence in Cloudflare, the DNS records pointed to my domain provider instead of hosting provider.
I changed the records manually and now it seems to be working correctly.

So the 404 was a DNS issue all along.

It seems to work now.

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