My site does not show javascript


My site does not show javascript and a lot of its content works with it.

I read that it is necessary to pay to execute this functionality, is it possible that this is true?

My plan is Pro Website.

Thanks for your help.


Your website’s javascript is not changed or removed by Cloudflare.

The paid Javascript is an entirely different product called Cloudflare Workers and doesn’t affect the regular Javascript on your website.

No :wink:

Without knowing your site it is not exactly easy making any statement.


My site is

The problem is that when Cloudflare is active it does not show the actions with JavaScript of the site:

When it is paused if it shows:

Please help me

It is difficult to debug as your domain is currently going straight to your server, where the issue does not appear as you said.

I just got active, please I appreciate what you can do for helping me

There seem to be some JavaScript errors.

Do they also appear when your site is not on Cloudflare? Could you quickly deactivate Cloudflare again, so we can compare?

done .

No JavaScript errors in this case. So something seems to break your JavaScript. Maybe the minification.

Try activating Cloudflare again and disable minification of JavaScript in the control panel. That would be under “Speed”.

Activated Cloudflare
JavaScript minification was never activated

Fair enough. Unfortunately that would require more debugging and digging than I could offer right now. Maybe someone else here has an idea, alternatively try to open a support ticket at their “[email protected]” email address.

Refer them to the broken JavaScript I mentioned at My site does not show javascript. That shouldnt happen just because you switch on Cloudflare.

So I will, thank you very much

@cloonan @cs-cf, any idea what, apart from minification, could possibly tamper with JavaScript? I dont assume/hope there are content-rewriting workers in place.

I think the problem has been solved, my tiket was answered and I was advised to read this guide: working-on-my-site-

The first indication that appears resolved the problem apparently “disabling Rocket Loader” this function has to do with JavaScritp, I do not know how I did not see it.

Thank you all for your help, thank you sandro.

Rocket Loader! Good point, should have thought of that :blush:

Glad it has been resolved :+1:

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Thank you, sandro.

I do not know if I should open a new topic for this, if so, please indicate me.

When I acquired the free subscription the site loaded 0.25ms and after moving to the payment subscription load in 4.5 seconds. I do not know if it’s something of the configuration that I did wrong. Thanks again.

You upgraded to a paid plan you mean? That should definitely not increase your response times :smile:

Where did you get the 0.25ms from? For me your site loads reasonably fast in 2.5 seconds, the 7 seconds in your example might be a bit slow but that could be also due to the connection of their checkpoint.

The 2.5ms were given by the same place in the image:

What tool do you use to measure?

I would like to see a guide on the most optimal configuration for a website with Adsense

I ran it locally in browser with the developer tools open. also shows reasonable times, even though it does timeout on your main page but that is an issue of Sitemeer being too impatient :wink: (and should “fixed”) and only shows your main page takes longer to load than your sub-page.

Generally speaking I would not say it it blazing fast, but it is reasonably fast. Wordpress always takes a bit of time and needs a lot of tweaking to get these times down.