Multiple SSH servers under same tunnel name?

Hello, here’s what I have in Access Tunnels:

The last entry circled in red, I created a Tunnel called WinTest and I installed 2 CloudflareD agents, one on 2 different machines.

I’m trying to SSH into them, but it seems that when there’s 2 agents installed under the same Tunnel name, it doesn’t work.

Above WinTest, I have one Tunnel per server, and it’s all working fine, I can get web-based SSH as well as direct SSH with cloudflared used as client.

If I have one Tunnel for 2 agents/servers, ssh will only work to hop into the first agent in the list, but it won’t know how to connect to the second one, or even a third one if I add another agent.

Is it possible to have multiple SSH servers/routes for multiple agents under the same Tunnel name?

I would highly recommend not running the same tunnel for two different hosts for SSH. As you see here, you don’t get to pick which tunnel you are routed to, Cloudflare does.

Thanks for the reply! I was hoping to create one tunnel with multiple hosts for a customer, since it’s easier to deploy, I could give that customer the token to enrol the Cloudflare agent, and any of the servers he enrols would connect to the right tunnel. But yeah, SSH needs to work for each host… do you know if there’s a way to make a SSH route for each host under the same tunnel, or if that feature is coming soon?