Multiple Errors Returned on login, endless loop

In my main Chrome session I am unable to login. I get the errors “Multiple errors returned!” (with code 401) without ever specifying what the multiple errors are. And when I try to login repeatedly I get the alert “Please refresh the page”. Which after refreshing doesn’t change the endless loop.

After clearing the cookies I get the error “User session has expired. Please refresh the page”. Then I refresh the page and get “Please refresh the page”.

Clearing the cookies then loading a new tab pointed to, clicking login then fails again with the loop above. Is there some other site data that cloudflare is storing that could be causing this issue?

Clear the cache and cookies for (all time)
That should help.

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I just did this on the Chrome instance and it still is returning the same problems. I also keep running into 429 rate limiting errors as the page never accepts my login credentials and refreshes with “Please refresh the page.” and once I get to the two-factor section I get 429’d again.

Can you try from an incognito browser, @skunkworker? If you’re able to login in incognito mode, it is likely a browser cache issue/plug-in affecting login. If so, clear your browser cache as @MarkMeyer suggested & disable plug-ins (Note, we have seen instances of users being affected by the Dark Reader extension).

Wow, well it did turn out to be the Dark Reader chrome extension. That was a vector that I didn’t even consider could be affecting it. Though this makes me more curious how that extension could be affecting the login process. Thanks @cloonan

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