Multiple DKIM

not able to add a second DKIM as im trying to verify for SendGrid so that i can use it for marketing and i see there might be a problem since i already use tutanota for personal mail conversations.
kindly let me in on a solution where i can use both Tutanota for personal mail and SendGrid for email marketing.
thank yu

Are your two DKIM records attempting to use the same selector? If so, that’s a problem. The DKIM selectors need to be unique.

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im almost new to this setup, would yu kindly let me know how to setup two different selectors or any guide that can help me setup with different selectors.

The selector is the part of the name to the left of ._domainkey. Check the assigned values provided by your email providers. If they conflict, you will need to see if your email providers’ documentation describes a way to change it.

yes apparently both the mail service providers selector names are s1 and s2.
so if i can resolve the selectors name issue and maintain a different selector name for different providers, i can have multiple email service providers integrated with me?
Thank yu for the insight.

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If you cannot get at least one of your email services to provide different selectors, you could always take the dedicated subdomain approach. I prefer that method for the clear delineation of function, but using your apex domain is a well accepted standard, too.

i have got one of the service providers to have a different selector name and it worked.
All the services are working fine now.
Appreciate the support.

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