Minecraft server protect

I would like to ask about the technical aspects of minecraft server protection.

They recommended Spectrum, which is included in the buissnes csoamg. However, I was wondering if I can protect my service with the free package as well? (Minecraft server)

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You need the Pro plan ($20/month) + Spectrum add-on (5 GB free, then $1/GB). Minecraft uses quite a lot of bandwidth, so Cloudflare Spectrum can quickly get expensive. IMO Cloudflare Spectrum is meant for large Minecraft servers that need the best performance and are willing to pay for it.

TCPShield is a popular choice for people who need DDoS protection for their Minecraft server. You can get a Cloudflare Spectrum add-on for TCPShield which is much cheaper than using Spectrum directly.

So your tcpshield platform do you recommend?

TCPShield isn’t a Cloudflare product. I haven’t used TCPShield myself so I am unable to speak about it. All I know is that it’s a popular DDoS protection service for Minecraft servers.

OK, but the question is. If I were to add the server address to my basic package. So, I move the dns names to Cloudflare and set the domain to point to a specific address, then activate the proxy, will I get protection?

Could this work in theory?

No. Cloudflare’s regular proxy only works for HTTP, not Minecraft.

A friend of mine tried this, pinged the domain address and got the Cloudflare address.
That’s why I find it interesting.

Yes, the domain will point to Cloudflare IPs once proxied. But Cloudflare will only proxy specific ports and only HTTP traffic by default. Your friend should also have noticed they can’t connect to their Minecraft server.

But he was able to connect because we left the default port open on the server machine’s firewall. That’s how he was able to join. :smiley:
My question is how protected is this?
Not at all? Or can this thing work?

Cloudflare does not proxy Minecraft traffic without Cloudflare Spectrum. If the DNS record to the Minecraft server is proxied :orange:, you won’t be able to connect.

It is possible your friend’s Minecraft client was still using the real server IP, allowing them to connect to the server.

It won’t work. You don’t have to trust me though, feel free to try it yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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