Is my HTTPS DNS record correct?

Just want to verify that you do add a (.) for target and not an @ sign? Does this look right? Thanks.

Dot is correct. Note that if you’re using Cloudflare’s proxy the record is automatically generated for you, so you need only create one for :grey: records.


Yeah, when I created the entry it says DNS only? Is this redundant then?

I mean, the name (A or AAAA record) you create the HTTPS record for should be :grey:. If you’re creating an HTTPS record to point to a proxied :orange: record, that’s redundant as Cloudflare creates one automatically corresponding to proxied records.

So, if you have as an A record, and it’s proxied :orange:, you do not need to create an HTTPS record for Only if the A record is DNS only :grey:.


Got it, thanks!

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