IPFS gateway submit error

This error is showing when i submit my fs.seongland.com subdo
main, while submitting for Cloudflare IPFS gateway service

I added gateway CNAME and txt column to my dns tabe.
But after this, while submitting ipfs domain, this error happens
How can I resolve this problem?

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Hi @sungle3737,

It seems like you have properly configured the domain since then. In fact, https://fs.seongland.com is a valid URL, with a certificate that has been provisioned for it.

So there is nothing more to do from your side, your site is secured and served by Cloudflare IPFS gateway.


Oh I got it

configured domain commit error when get reconfigure request. Thanks

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Hi, how did you access your web by fs.seongland.com instead of seongland.com? Can you help me on this issue:
How to access my web hosted on IPFS network via www.my.web?

I think you’re issue is quite different with mine

but did you submit www.shhc.tech domain to here?

Another option is url rewrite function which can be done by Cloudflare dns management

Thanks, I will try it.

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