Ip proxy help please

hello. First of all I would like to thank you for a great table service like Cloudflare. Despite your efforts, I have problems in my country with sites that use your site’s proxy. The fact is that the government of Turkmenistan blocks sites that use the Cloudflare service. And all the subnets that are presented on the site are already blocked unfortunately. Couldn’t you provide all your subnets for ping and health checks? since the subnet is also yours and it is not shown on the site and it worked for a long time. Maybe you still have prdseti? I will be very grateful to you for the list of all subnets. I really need your help, please help.

The IP addresses listed on https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/ are the ones used for origin fetches.

If you wanted to see all of Cloudflare’s address space then you can look at the ASN’s advertised on PeeringDB but I’d question what you need those for. If it isn’t listed on the aforementioned IPs page then it’ll never be used to talk to your origin, with the possible exception of health checks which identify themself with a User-Agent.

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