Implementation Help?


Where can I find someone that has successfully implemented CF Service Workers on a Wordpress site? Anyone here open to helping (paid) implement this?


I’m hoping there’s a lot of interest in this, as I have a handful of Wordpress sites.

What are you trying to get Workers to do?


Ideally run near 100% on the edge nodes with the proper exceptions for login and membership sites.


With Workers limited to 1 megabyte, and seemingly text-only, it’s going to have to pull images and some other files from somewhere. From Cloudflare cache, I suppose, so your server rarely gets hit.

The more I think about it, the less I see it working. Content comes from a database. Cache Everything kind of handles this.

I can only see Workers being viable if you have Cache Everything, and then use Workers to bypass the cache for the login and logged in users.


My thought is that the majority of the content is not going to change. Also the css and javascript. These are already being cached but that is not done on the initial view and also when the cache is cleared. The ideal is that these things would be able to be pushed to the edge for the initial view.


This is one of the posts that encouraged me to look into it