HTTPS not working. Cloudflare setting says protecting your site(https:// is active)


Hello Everyone
Myself Kartik (India)
Recently I have install Cloudflare to my wordpress site In my Cloudflare Account. it says SSL is active and my setting is also on flexible. But still, I am not able to see my site using

error says secure connection failed

Cloudflare install but no security (https://)

The site is working properly, so you probably have to wait for your DNS to refresh. Give it a day or two.

The only issue is Mixed Content (your banner image). In the Cloudflare Crypto settings page, you probably already set “Always Use HTTPS”, but make sure you also enabled “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.”


Thanks sdayman. I am change my setting according to above


It’s still showing Mixed Content for the same resource. Sometimes that’s a tough one to fix. Here’s an article on the subject. Step 5 for .htaccess has been my surefire method for fixing it.


Dear all,
I have installed the Cloudflare on my website but Cloudflare says its working but my website is showing https://. it is still opening without security.
please can anybody help with that



it opening without security


It actually loads fine for me

Either a propagation or caching issue on your side. I’d wait a bit.


on my side it loading without security


Whats the output of


ping is working

ping is working fine

nslookup err0r3


That is a propagation issue as I mentioned earlier. Wait a bit and I’d assume it will work in 6 to 12 hours.


thank sandro. Lets waits for 6 - 12 hrs.

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