HTTPS not working. Cloudflare setting says protecting your site(https:// is active)

Hello Everyone
Myself Kartik (India)
Recently I have install Cloudflare to my wordpress site In my Cloudflare Account. it says SSL is active and my setting is also on flexible. But still, I am not able to see my site using

error says secure connection failed

The site is working properly, so you probably have to wait for your DNS to refresh. Give it a day or two.

The only issue is Mixed Content (your banner image). In the Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings page, you probably already set “Always Use HTTPS”, but make sure you also enabled “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.”

Thanks sdayman. I am change my setting according to above

It’s still showing Mixed Content for the same resource. Sometimes that’s a tough one to fix. Here’s an article on the subject. Step 5 for .htaccess has been my surefire method for fixing it.

Dear all,
I have installed the Cloudflare on my website but Cloudflare says its working but my website is showing https://. it is still opening without security.
please can anybody help with that


It actually loads fine for me

Either a propagation or caching issue on your side. I’d wait a bit.

on my side it loading without security

Whats the output of


ping is working

ping is working fine

nslookup err0r3

That is a propagation issue as I mentioned earlier. Wait a bit and I’d assume it will work in 6 to 12 hours.

thank sandro. Lets waits for 6 - 12 hrs.

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