HTTPS Loading Slower Than HTTP

Using gtmetrix waterfall I can see that the https version of my site is loading much much slower than the http version. 31.1 ms vs 2.51 s with ssl. Does anyone have any recommendations or an explanation? Is this an optimization issue, a server issue, or a Cloudflare issue? Sorry if this is another one of those head shaking simple and repetitive questions. A bit new to all this. Thanks

Domain, for starters.

I understand the rest of the site is slowed down due to redirects and request size but that’s temporary as our ad network is running trials for best placement. I’m more so focused on the first two loads, the http and https versions. What specifically causes those load times? My thought process is that nothing bellow affects them since they each show their own load times but I could very well be wrong. thanks

Your site does not load on HTTP to begin with as there is an immediate redirect.

As for HTTPS, it appears to be the usual issue where Wordpress is misconfigured and takes too long to generate your page. Thats something you will need to fix on your server, respectively can clarify at a Wordpress community.

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SSL usually increases latency tiny bit (handshake, increased size of encrypted data, etc.) but it’s not noticeable. If you had extra 5 or 10ms it could be normal but 31ms vs 2500ms is not because of SSL.

Most likely reason is server side configuration.

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