HTTPS/HTTP mixed content

Since moving DNS server to Cloudflare Ahrefs has the following warnings:

Image redirects (all images)
HTTPS page links to HTTP image (all pages)
Page has redirected image (all pages)
HTTPS/HTTP mixed content (all pages)

Screaming Frog says:

All URLs should be to secure HTTPS pages. Pages should be served over HTTPS, any internal links should be updated to HTTPS versions and HTTP URLs should 301 redirect to HTTPS versions. HTTP URLs identified in this filter that are redirecting to HTTPS versions already should be updated to link to the correct HTTPS versions directly.

HTML pages loaded over a secure HTTPS connection that have resources such as images, JavaScript or CSS that are loaded via an insecure HTTP connection.

Cloudflare DNS has settings:

Always use HTTPS

I’m not sure what to make of this. Please help.

You really need to start including the relevant domain in your question (and only the domain in question) if you want the Community to be able to offer feedback.

Without knowing the domain, we cannot know why you are being provided the details you are by those testing sites. You could have hard-coded HTTP elements at third-party sites that will not be affected by your Cloudflare Always use HTTPS setting.

You might try this site to see if it helps you better identify the parts of your content that you need to fix.

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It concerns

I never had any of these issues before changing to Cloudflare DNS.


Can someone explain to me why I get all these warnings from Ahrfefs after switching to Cloudflare DNS on my domain

You need to pause Cloudflare and get your site working over HTTPS without error before it can be expected to work with the Cloudflare proxy enabled.


Like I said. I didn’t get these errors before I switched to Cloudflare. My website is always using https. It has a SSL certificate. At least before I switched last week from another host provider to Hostinger Could that be causing the issue?

You said: “get your site working over HTTPS without error”. What exactly do you mean by that? How can I test it?

Pause Cloudflare and run the same tests. Make sure that you are testing your site over HTTPS, so that the only difference is the Cloudflare proxy not being used.

OK. I paused Cloudflare and reverted back to Hostinger’s nameservers. I’ll do the tests and come back with the results.

Whynopadlock found no mixed content. Ahrefs didn’t find either.

Do you maybe use Flexible as your SSL setting in Cloudflare? If so, you should change that to Full (strict).

That would explain all the redirects you are seeing in the test.

I’m almost certain I set it to Full strict. I will revert to Cloudflare DNS and check.

I went back to Cloudflare dashboard and it was set to Full strict, so it has be something else.

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I am not sure how your test tools were able to succeed. Attempts to load your unproxied site in a web browser never completed for me. It would be more accurate to describe it as never started seeing as how nothing ever rendered in the browser. After over 2 minutes the server eventually sent a 503 response along with the following

Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Because I reverted back to Cloudflare DNS.

The IP is not a Cloudflare IP. It is a a Hostinger IP. The Cloudflare proxy is not involced in the connection.

No I’m confused. I can load my website, no problem. But I’m not using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy???

Andf Whynopadlock reports Mixed content errors. So the problem is at Cloudflare.

If this means that you have been changing nameservers at your registrar, you should not do that while troubleshooting. It introduces too much inconsistency. It is important o leave nameservers set to Cloudflare and use only the methods in the Pause Cloudflare guide.

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Your site currently fails to load with a direct connection. Cloudflare is not in the picture. This cleary indicates a problem with your origin site.

No, I opened my website in a private window. It’s fine.

The moment I revert back to Cloudflare name servers I get Mixed content errors again.