Https 403 Forbidden error

We are trying to setup a API server for another company, so they can call it and pass info to us.
We have setup a client SSL certificate
and add the domain to mTLS,
but when they try to call our api, they got 403 error as following:
But if I directly type our api domain in browser, we can call it successfully ,
I have no idea what’s going on now, can anyone help?

Could not connect to server


Could not connect to


SSL/TLS Protocol alert: Handshake failure: Possibly no shared cipher

It’s a vague message but it seems to be telling you that they’re not compatible with each other for this… they couldn’t use any version of TLS enabled for both to communicate. Maybe the server wants TLS 1.3 only, or maybe the client needs TLS 1.2… you would have to check logs or just try to get everyone on the same version.

Thanks! I will ask them what protocol they use, and give it another try.

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