HTTP proxy mode not working

Whenever I turn on the proxy mode, I got those Error 522 page

Turn it off (DNS only), everything works just fine.

For ssl, I use: SSL/TLS encryption mode is Off (not secure)

Any idea?


Your host might block Cloudflare.

What’s the domain?

I connect it to my home router which port forward 80 and 443 to my NAS. My NAS runs Traefik to forward the traffic to other dockers.

For now, Traefik only forward to whoami service which dump all the http header.

I can use domain name or cloud flare (turn off proxy) WITHOUT any problem. Whenever proxy is on, I got 522 page.

One more observation, if I use wan IP to access, it report 404 because the domain name is not showing up.

miss spelling,

Did you check if the IP address on Cloudflare is correct? Would you feel comfortable sharing it here?

Yes. IP configure in Cloudflare is correct. That’s why in the DNS tab, if I change the CNAME to dns only, it works but if I change it to proxy, I got error

In that case your ISP is most likely blocking Cloudflare from connecting.

If I change it to HTTPS with FULL mode, is it going to solve the problem? (using proxy mode)

That depends on your ISP.

Do you want to use HTTPS in the first place? Do you have a valid certificate? And again

Right now, I am only handling the http request. Yes in the future, I want to change it to https

There is nothing running on that machine right now.

If you say it is working when you try it unproxied that might be because you never leave your local network. Check any firewall that might be in place.

Sorry, it went to sleep. It is up now. Thanks

Still not I am afraid

It is up.

ping => return proxy ip. HTTP return 520 error
ping => return my wan ip. HTTP return ok
using my wan ip with http also return ok

I have two CNAME setup in cloud flare

  1. www : use proxy
  2. whoami: use dns only

Well, as evident from the link it is not. It probably is aforementioned network issue.

You need to fix that first, as long as it is not publicly accessible Cloudflare cannot connect either.

Thanks for your help. It turns out my ISP block the port 80. After I make the ssl, everything just works.

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