HTTP 502 Errors - Incident


what a terrible failure went? I went error 502 error on all my projects they stopped working. No country

It’s everywhere. Planning to cut Cloudflare out of my sites as it’s been down a lot recently.

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Does it depend on the tariff?
What are the problems with the deterioration of service quality?

I got the same, all is well now for me! They fixed it pretty quickly for me but i don’t know about you… I’m in the UK and just so happened to happen while i was working on my site so i’m not really affected, it’s nothing big so i’m sure many bigger companies are really unimpressed! EEK!

Nope, it is universal - every tariff faces the issue.

Not sure what the problem is, they haven’t said.

Yep, it must have cost companies a lot. My sites were down for around 15 minutes, half my monitors are reporting them as up so looks like things are getting better.

I’m going to probably move my sites off Cloudflare now.


Surely they probably changed something to test perhaps? I mean i was working on my firewall dns recently, not sure if i caused it, LOL idk, i doubt it’s possible, but since i’m a noob at networking and having issues with my java app i’m currently down my self :frowning: Anyone here know anything about java? (OFF TOPIC) meh!

for me it’s almost a full hour of time my hosts didn’t work that badly.

I got a 502 on my site too. Also could not access Cloudflare. Back up now.

What happened, Cloudflare?

Yeah we deserve an explanation but let them get the jist over to all of their partners first before they announce the issue. so that we know what affected the services.

Everything went down for me as well, sites like smallseotools also stopped working. Ive switched off Cloudflare for the time being

Did you use the API to turn off Cloudflare?

hello uhm me i’ve the same problem but with PonyTown. Since few months it’s more frequent but devs always fix it. BUt servers crash a lot since the last updates. I can even not access to Discord for warn a moderator that ik it say Error 1001. So except waiting idk what to do.

Just need to know because i haven’t used the API but it would be nice to know it works even if they get a GATEWAY error…

No, the API was also down. Only those using CNAME instead of pointing the whole domain could change away from CF.

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I’ve been with Cloudflare for ages, since the very beginning and I’ve found their uptime to be very good, I have no complaints at all about them. Yep I would have preferred no downtime, but that’s life on the internet, stuff happens occasionally.


That’s the only thing you can do.

Dear experts, is there a solution or code that can be a script that quickly allows you to temporarily disable Cloudflare?

Can’t you direct your users to another website that does not use Cloudflare temporarily or you can do some DNS wizardry?