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Hey folks, I downloaded the html file Google provided me with in order to verify my site for google search console, and I now must upload this to my website via FTP. These are the instructions I am getting :


This step requires direct access to your website’s server, which you can obtain via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or cPanel File Manager.

Using an FTP client such as FileZilla, enter your credentials and log into your server. You’ll then need to upload the file to your site’s root directory (which contains the wp-content folder, the wp-config.php file, etc.):
Does anyone know where I must go to get this done?
Thank you!

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You upload it to wherever your web site is hosted, which won’t be Cloudflare as they’re not a web host.

You may want to turn on ‘Development Mode’ in your Cloudflare dashboard though, just in case you need to make changes to the verification file as there’s a risk Cloudflare might cache an old version.

Hey Thank you Saul! So I guess in my case I have to contact namecheap . .

Can you please tell me where in my dashboard is “development mode”?

You can find it on the Overview screen

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