Host Error Page

The website from the screenshot is working fine from my end.

Are you still experiencing issues?

Thanks for your reply,
Website is working fine but i got this error sometimes while am browsing the website pages

Some plausible explanations:

  1. Check your server’s firewall, and make sure that all Cloudflare’s IP addresses are allowed, as it could be one of these edge cases where you might eventually be missing a subnet or two in your firewall, and that Cloudflare happen to randomly go out through one of the IP addresses that therefore are not allowed.

  2. Contact your hosting provider, asking them to make sure that they don’t have any security systems that are interfering with your traffic to/from Cloudflare.

  3. Given that it happens intermittently (e.g. “sometimes”, to use your own word), it could also be a signal of congestion within your hosting provider, for example because the traffic they receive reaches a level where their peering links cannot keep up with the demands.
    One of their other customers could also be receiving a large DDoS attack that could be overwhelming their network so much, that Cloudflare is (temporarily) unable to reach your server.