why GoogleImageProxy is requesting only a single path on my domain and why ??/

Which path?

Anyway, FYI this is the function of GoogleImageProxy:

a_data/question_1_answer_1.webp this path ,
and this file isnt in my site anymore , and ia have make the site for not sending emails >?
any idea ?

Very likely someone inserted your image URL as part of their email content, however the image won’t be load because as you mentioned: the file is not in your website anymore.

and any idea how to stop that? is this a problem in loading site or anything else , or even blockinf the traffi or show the user an erro when they open the site ?

You can’t stop people inserting image URLs from your website to their email, however you can block GoogleImageProxy user agent from accessing your website - but at the same time you will also block legitimate image requests coming from the email readers.

yes i can and i have stoped with the Hotlink Protection

Protect your images from off-site linking.

and as i mentioned eailer , my site doesnt send email

It doesn’t relate to whether your site supports sending email, it’s a matter of some third party users placing the URL from your website into their email.

Technically, Hotlink Protection checks whether the referer of the image URL request matches the hostname of the requested image URL.

For example, if someone visits and this webpage requests an image from your site (let it be, Cloudflare will block it.

However, when the user reads an email from their Gmail account and the email content requires fetching the image from your website, the request will be done by GoogleImageProxy on behalf of the user. In that case, the referer will not be included in the request. Without a referer, Cloudflare treats this request as a direct image URL access thus won’t perform any blocking to GoogleImageProxy.

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