Google authenticator doesn't work

I’m following the instructions to add google as an authentication source. It says near the bottom to “Input the Client ID and Client Secret fields generated previously.”

Well there isn’t a field in Cloudflare’s form to input Client ID. I see App ID and Client Secret. Are “Client ID” and “App ID” supposed to be synonymous? I’ve pasted the Client ID that I received in GCP into the App ID field on Cloudflare. I’ve also pasted in the Client Secret in the corresponding Client Secret field in Cloudflare.

When I save the form and then test, it fails with an error saying,
“Access blocked: has not completed the Google verification process”

" has not completed the Google verification process. The app is currently being tested, and can only be accessed by developer-approved testers. If you think you should have access, contact the developer.

If you are a developer of, see error details.

Error 403: access_denied"

Am I missing a step somewhere?