Github pages keep saying it cant enforce https

Im making a github pages, that linked to my domain,
I setted up A records and Cname for it
And it work as a http

I already turn on https, create edge cert, client cert
But i still can’t click on enforce https on github pages and it keep telling me
Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS

Grey-cloud your DNS entries. Github Pages can’t/won’t generate an SSL certificate while your DNS entries are orange-clouded. You can orange-cloud the DNS entries AFTER the SSL certificate is generated, however, the certificate won’t be able to renew and will expire after 3 months. If you’re using the most secure SSL mode, Full(Strict), traffic will no longer pass when the certificate expires. You can either repeat the process (temporarily grey-cloud) every 3 months, or use the less-secure Full (non-strict) SSL mode which allows Cloudflare to continue trusting the expired certificate (insecure). Or just leave the DNS entries grey-clouded permanently if you don’t actually need Cloudflare proxy features for the site; you’ll still have a CDN since Github Pages uses Fastly.

You could also consider migrating to Cloudflare Pages, which is what I’ve done with about half of my Github Pages sites so far. It takes like 2 minutes to migrate a site, very easy process, and you’ll continue updating your site in the same way (through Github).

wait a minute, I actually had another domain which is from NameCheap, it also uses the Github pages, the DNS entries are proxied AKa orange cloud, but it seems like enforce HTTPS work there, what’s up with that?

the SSL certificate was probably generated before you orange-clouded the DNS entries for that domain

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