Experiences with external developer services?

hi all! has anyone tried using a third party service for logging, error collecting, tracing, user data storage, etc in a worker? I know they’re all doable, but I’d love to hear actual experiences or tips.

in particular, I’m looking into writing an entire (small) application in a worker, on the free tier, and I’m leery of anything with a thick client that might put me over the 5ms CPU limit. i do need at least some kind of request and application level logging though, at minimum.

(and yes, i know workers aren’t really the right place to host a full application, especially on the free tier. this is just for fun!)

You can absolutely host a whole application in a Worker! The 5ms limit is applied very gently, I wouldn’t worry about hitting it unless you are doing very intense parsing, cryptography, or the like. We want you to be able to use Workers for meaningful things.

You can read about our experiences using Workers here: Dogfooding Cloudflare Workers