Error with SSL



Hi size I’m going to talk about a problem, I can’t reach how much solution.

Now I have a foreign shopping site at When I make a ssl connection to this site from Cloudflare, the site is redirecting and is redirected to this site. Available in the picture below.


Hi @omerky, no picture in the post. Check to make sure you’re using the correct IP for your origin server?


I’m sorry to send you ea


Domain 1 & 1 was purchased. NSs address cloudflare. A record of the IP address of the hosting everything is normal but when I open the “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” site is being redirected.


That’s odd that auto re-writes would cause that, I’m seeing the site with no error. Can you try clearing cache and cookies and try again? If it works ok, please set Always use HTTPS to on in the crypto tab. (We can revisit the auto https rewrites once we have the page loading consistently.)


I understand, I’m now “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”. I write the result to you.


@cloonan Thank you buddy. the problem has improved. Thank you for your help.