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Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am very new to Cloudflare and I want to thank everyone in advance for taking a part of their valuable time to even read my inquiry.

I just joined and created an account for my registered domain ( and it is active. I am now hosting my own site (using a Synology WebStation NAS - Network Attached Storage) and my site is registered. I updated my domain registration to reflect the Cloudflare name servers.

My site is not visible outside of my network. My problem is that I am obviously not creating my A record correctly. I remain unsure if I use the IP address of my router or an internal IP address of the website. Could someone please give me some advice on how best to proceed? Many Thanks.

It looks like you have a DNS record for, but not for

If you have an A record for, you need a matching A record for ‘www’. Just the ‘www’ without the quote marks. If your server responds to the www, that should be enough. Or at least a good first step.

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