Error code 521

I often suffer from error code 521. And I thought that the error was in the server, so I contacted the hosting to solve the problem. And I am told that everything is fine. And that the error is not issued by them. And I didn’t believe them.
Today, when the same problem occurs, I changed the nameserver to the default hosting names after they were Cloudflare. Surprisingly enough, the site is back up and running.
I still don’t understand where the problem is. Do I have to stop Cloudflare or what? And is there a solution to this problem. Thank you


Did those errors happen before you activated your domain on Cloudflare? Does the website works if you enable Development Mode? Have you read the information about error 521?

If you don’t mind, could you please post your domain name, so that we can see if something is wrong? Thanks.

I am currently experiencing freezing of the site and not responding
When I turn on developer mode on Cloudflare, it works normally

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