Error code 520

Hi, When trying to send a contact form on my website I get error code 520 which I am told is a Cloudflare problem. I’m new here so don’t know what information I need to give about the site. Would be grateful for some help as I can’t contact Cloudflare directly.

Here’s the details on the issue. Check this #CommunityTip

Here’s the tip:

Thank you but I have no idea how to fix it myself. Why can’t I contact Cloudflare to flag up the error with them? Do you have a phone number for them?

520 is a result of an error that occurs from webserver generally where it is unable return a response. Best suggested: Contact your host. CF won’t be the solution here.

I have already approached them and this is what they say:
We have sent several test submissions with the contact form, and we’ve been able to find when your site is pointing to Cloudflare, we are able to replicate the 520 error, however, when we point our hosts file directly to the server (this removes Cloudflare from the navigation for us locally) there are no errors, and we receive a pop up stating that the message was successfully sent.
We also are not seeing logs on the server’s end indicating an issue with the contact form itself. This leads us to believe that there is something on Cloudflare’s end creating an issue with the connection specifically when the form is attempting to send. As we do not manage the Cloudflare installation, we would not be able to view the logs on their end in order to determine exactly what is being blocked. You would need to reach out to Cloudflare’s support to see if they have more detailed logging in regards to this issue.

Well… from this explanation I assume you may need to debug the code after all it appears to be there’s no response when the form is submitted. Secondly, that’s very specific to that uri path alone.

So who would be the person to do that? Would it be my web host? I haven’t got the knowledge to do it myself. I appreciate your help by the way.

I bet your web developer may assist if he’s managing your site.

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