Error code 1014

Would love some help correcting error code 1014. I have only one domain and one Cloudflare account, I have no idea why this code comes up or how to fix it. I have read the troubleshooting doc, but don’t understand what to do. Thank you.

Error 1014 happens if you create a CNAME record to a domain that is active on Cloudflare but does not belong to you.

Can you maybe share your domain and the record that causes this?


I see the issue now, I have a CNAME that points to Clickfunnels. I’m using Bluehost and am not sure how to set my CNAME back to the original setting. My domain is spitthetea(.)com

correction SpiltTheTea(.)com

The error you see is a Cloudflare error, but I can see that Cloudflare correctly connects to Clickfunnels.

So you probably entered the correct CNAME address here in Cloudflare, but then made a configuration error in Clickfunnels.

I haven’t used Clickfunnels, but I assume you have to enter your server address there somewhere? That address seems to be incorrect.

If the error was caused directly by Cloudflare, the status code would not be 200 and it would look like this:


I’ve deleted the CNAME that points to Clickfunnels and set it back to my domain. Hopefully, it fixes the issue. Thank you for your help.

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