Error 503 error code message

Each time I point my Nameserver to clodeflare, I get either error 502 or 503. Currently am having Error 503 when trying to open my site, but when return the nameserver back to my default host nameserver the will open just fine after propagation. Please I need ideas to fix this, any input will be much appreciated. Thanks

That 503 error in your screenshot isn’t from Cloudflare.

To debug this, you’ll need to switch back to Cloudflare’s nameservers. You can just “pause Cloudflare” instead of changing nameservers back if there is a problem, which saves the problem of propagation time.

If you switch back to Cloudflare nameservers, post back and people can then help.


Hi @georgefrank62

I can see that you have 526 error on the website.

Please make sure that when you have the SSL setting set to full, then you also have a valid SSL certificate at origin. If you do not have a valid SSL certificate at your origin, you can either create an origin certificate in your Cloudflare account and upload it to your server, or you will need to chang ethe SSL setting to flexible.

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