Err 522 timeout

hi guys,
I have a problem. I have an static IP.
when a problem happens, for example I ran out of bandwidth, The ISP doesn’t send a proper http err code which causes err 522 on Cloudflare.
Is there a way that i could set for example whenever timeout happpens(15 sec i guess) then Cloudflare switchs to another ip ?

You would have to set up a load balancer to handle failovers.

My problem is between Cloudflare and my ISP … I couldn’t do anything there. so i asked if there is anyway that cloudlflare could switch to another static ip (which i defined as A record in DNS tab) instead of showing 522 err.

You could switch to another IP via the API, but this wouldn’t be automatic without setting something up on your end.

If you want it to automatically switch, you’d need to use the suggestion by @sdayman.

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I kew that i could do it with api … but i guessed there is an easier way …

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