Encrypted SNI

hi, i want to have encrypted SNI but also using Firefox, 94.0.2 the encrypted SNI test fails
i’ve already followed the guide here:

so i pass 3 of the 4 tests…the one that fails is the encrypted SNI…
pls help
thxs so much in adv

Well, it will fail, but may I suggest reading below article as far as ESNI is being replaced by development of a new ECH so far:

Nevertheless, when I enable ESNI in my Firefox, a lot of Websites do not open either due to my Anti-Virus (ESET NOD32) and similar:

In my opinion, I would not worry so much if it fails either nowadays:

hi! first thxs so much!
so you suggest to wait and not worry about the ESNI fail test?
and when the ECH it will come how we will abel to set our firefox in order to comply and so not to fail also the 4th test?

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