Email troubles

Hola Alejandro, estoy con un problema en los correos de donweb. Tengo todo configurado pero no logro que me lleguen los correos. Puedo enviar correos pero no recibo nada. Ya nosé qué tocar en el panel de Cloudflare… Me podrás dar una mano por favor? Gracias!

Cloudflare is not involved in email other than the related DNS records.

If you are not receiving emails the most common issue is that your MX record is pointing at a hostname that is :orange:.

If you can provide the domain somebody on the community can take a look.


Tienes que revisar este articulo para entender como resolver esta problema con los correos. :wink:

Thank you Michael, the MX is pointing at a hostname with gray cloud but still not working. I can send emails but I cant receive.
My domain is

What’s the domain?

I see you have two MX records, and both point to valid SMTP servers. You’d have to ask your email host why they’re not accepting mail. Or maybe they are, but your mail client isn’t properly configured for POP/IMAP (inbound mail).

Si, lo vi al artículo pero aun nosé cómo resolverlo. Tengo todas las nubes apagadas en los ítems que tiene que ver con los mails. Puedo enviar emails pero no puedo recibir. Nosé cómo seguir.

Iam using a webmail, I have not configured an email client and still not receiving emails.

Then my suggestion still stands:

Asking right now. Thank you!

Solved! They asked me to change the prorities of mx and mx1.
Thank you!!!

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