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Hello, so I have a webhost somewhere else, and I’m also use cloudflare (for protectios).
The problem is, I need an email authentication : DKIM , SPIF , DMARC . So, on my cpanel on the webhost that I have, I’m received this message

Email Deliverability Status: Problems Exist (SPF and Reverse DNS)

And this message: “This system does not control DNS for the “” domain. Contact the person responsible for the “” and “” nameservers and request that they update the records.”

What should I do to make an Email authentication while using cloudflare?


SPF, DKIM etc. Are covered in this support article:

You will need to get the required values from your host or copy the relevant records from your host’s DNS to Cloudflare’s.


So, should I just add a new DNS with: “SPF” on '" and after ‘Click to configure’ just to add v=spf1 -all ?


You’ll want to add SPF, DMARC and DKIM (if available) A simple test to find out where third party mail servers are flagging your mail is to send a test email to this site and read their recommendations. after that, let us know what they say.


I’d like to note that the mentioned problem, “Reverse DNS”, is not an issue.

rDNS is not a big determining factor when providers like Gmail decide if mail should go to spam. Many big operations like digitalocean, discordapp, etc. all send mail and have no rDNS for their mail relay.

Simple SPF, DKIM, and then a DMARC monitoring service will help with your domain’s reputation.

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