Dynmap problem

Goodmorning, I’m using cloudflare but I have a problem witch my minecraft server. I’m hosting a minecraft server at home (about 40 players a day) and I’m using de plugin Dynmap for my server. But I don’t know how to setup Cloudflare. The players cannot see the dynmap. Does anyone know how to setup this properly in Cloudflare? Greetings Goldmoon

Since Dynmap uses an unsupported Port (8123) you cannot use it behind Cloudflare unless you’re an Enterprise customer.

Check if you can change the default port somewhere or use nginx or HAProxy as a reverse proxy to use one of these ports:

For reference:


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I’m using port 1420 for the dynmap

Well, then

But how do I set it up in the DNS page on Cloudflare? I mean what do I have to enter at the page DNS management, which type of record and what do I have to fill in at “Service”?

That’s not exactly a Cloudflare specific issue. You best clarify this in a Minecraft forum, though I do believe there even is a tutorial for Minecraft under #Tutorials.

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