Dot tk domains

Did Cloudflare drop support for dot-tk domains? Things were still working yesterday (2024-02-06).

OK. We all know dot-tk domains and other used-to-be-free domains offered by Freenom could be sketchy, but I have a few self-hosted services that use a couple of dot-tk domains that for whatever reason, stopped working today.

I logged into Freenom and I could no longer see the NS for my domains. I then logged into Cloudflare Dashboard and the domains are still there and authoritative DNS servers still point the assigned Cloudflare servers for me, but nothing shows up when doing nslookup or dig. DNSChecker_dot_org also returned nothing but red Xs.

I checked my old emails and one of the dot-tk domains was originally registered with Cloudflare on 2022-03-22 and the other one on 2022-08-23.

I guess I expected this day would come. Just wanted to make sure before I go and register some other domain names. Thanks.

Just posted in another thread here…

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